DMS 6410X (RCF)

mikrofon na husím krku s XLR, na konference

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mikrofonní jednotka pro diskusní systém FORUM 6000, mikrofon na husím krku s XLR One type of consoles is available; Through DIP switches you can configure it as Chairman, Delegate or Interpreter.

An added value feature the RCF Forum 6000 System has an integrated single language interpretation facility; simultaneous or sequential Listening to the translated language is achieved using the headphone sockets available on each microphone set.
The consoles configured as an interpreter can be one or two, linked to the dedicated RJ connectors on the main unit DMU 6100. Interpreters work using the console microphone and console sockets for headphone. Speak slowly command is available and lights-up an LED on the active microphone.
When configured the ‘Delegate Console’ has a microphone button and mute facility, in ‘Chairman Mode’ the system offers talk and priority buttons that, if pushed together cancel the active microphones on the system for override purposes.
Delegate and Chairman talk buttons are smart buttons working both as PTT or PTL (push to lock) according respectively to a long or short pressure of the buttons. On the president console a chime-tone can be associated to a priority activation of the chairman priority button; the chime sound can be also activated through terminals available on the rear panel of the master unit.
Audio quality is assured by a professional gooseneck hyper-cardioid microphone that, according to the version is screwed directly into the base (fixed installations) or plugged through an XLR connector (rental/portable) and a high efficiency high intelligibility full-range speaker with neodymium magnet. Volume control is adjusted by push-buttons.


• Standard system: up to 60 consoles DMS 6410 (2 lines; 30 consoles per line connected in daisychain)
• Expanded system: up to 180 consoles DMS 6410 (6 lines; 30 consoles per line connected in daisychain). The further 120 consoles can be added by installing the optional board DEC 6104 into the central unit DMU 6100 and connecting the external power supply unit DPS 6202
• 2 aux inputs, A and B, with XLR sockets, each configurable by means of DIP switches (PHANTOM, MIC / LINE, HIGH-PASS) and with a gain control and an enable / mute command
• Audio input PLAY and audio output SYSTEM for recording
• Audio input and output for teleconference
• Simultaneous / sequential translation (1 translated language)
Each console can be set to 1 of the 3 available modes: chairman (max. 3), delegate, interpreter (max. 2). • Chairmen have no limits about their microphone activation and can also mute / disable all delegate consoles (and cancel their bookings). If 2 interpreters are present, only one will be allowed to speak (1 translated language only)
• Backlit LCD and function keys to enter the software menus and edit: Operating mode (max. number of activated delegates, max. queue length of the delegates' booking, etc.) Configuration (priority level among inputs A, B and the system; VOX function on inputs A, B; etc.) Volume levels

General Specifications:

• Type: Professional electret microphone
• Directivity: Hypercardioid
• Frequency Response: 200 Hz ÷ 12 kHz
• Signal/noise ratio: > 60 dB
• Connector: 1 in RJ45 10 pole ;1 out RJ45 10 pole ; DIP switches setting

Power Requirements:

• Operating voltage: 48 V
• Power (consumption): 2.4 mA

Physical Specifications:

• Height: 200 / 7.87 mm/inch
• Width: 135 / 5.31 mm/inch
• Depth: 60 / 2.36 mm/inch
• Net Weight: 1.68 / 3.70 kg/lbs
hmotnost: 1,68 kg