DXI DI-BOX pasivní (GLT)

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pasivní di-box

• The passive SIRUS PRO DXI Direct Box is a versatile usable device - indispensable at all applications where signal loyalty is important or long cable distances have to be mastered.
• perfect for all live sound applications and installations in clubs, churches as well as for mobile use, monitor systems, home and project recording studios, karaoke systems and DJ sound systems
• allows the connection of any unbalanced signal as for example electrical instruments and keyboards as well as from amplifier outputs to all balanced inputs (e.g. mixers)
• the parallel output allows a simultaneous connection to two inputs (e.g. amplifier and mixer)
• converts high-resistance signals to low-resistance balanced signals or low-resistance balanced signals to unbalanced signas
• converts unbalanced +10 dB signals to balanced line level signals, which offer more signal loyalty or realise long cable distances without interspersing
• allows multiple keyboard setups to a mixer, when the input of an instrument amplifier is looped through while the speaker output of the amplifier is looped through the SIRUS PRO Direct Box and then is connected to the input of the mixer. As a consequence only one SIRUS PRO Direct Box is needed for several keyboards.
• an adjustable input with three different damping factors allows an optimal tuning of the output level of the connected equipment- a switchable ground lift conduces to the avoidanceof static noise


• Input attenuation selectable 0dB, -20dB, -40dB
• Instrument input 50kohm unbalanced 6,3mm jack
• Parallel (link) output 50kohm unbalanced 6,3mm jack
• Balanced output 600ohm balanced XLR female
• Ground lift switchable
• Construction all steel chassis
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