GL2800M-24 (Allen&Heath)

velkoformátový monitorovací analogový mixážní pult, 24x in

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AH velkoformátový monitorový mixážní pult pro live/studio, 24kanálů


- 24, 32, 40 and 48 channel frame sizes
- 16 mixes globally assigned as mono or stereo with level and pan
- Built-in mic splitter with ground lift switching
- All masters include polarity switch, swept HPF and 6dB dim function
- Mix 1-8 include 2 band swept frequency output EQ
- Engineer’s IEM and wedge monitors with faders, meters, inserts and XLR
- IEM/wedge monitor external inputs for FOH comms and IEM rack monitoring
- Mix AFL assignable to either wedge or IEM monitor
- PAFL logic includes PFL override AFL, mono/stereo AFL, PFL to wedge enable
- Headphones follow IEM mode, includes 1” and 3.5mm jacks
- Talkback with independent selection to all mixes and external output
- Talk latch mode for use with switched hand held talkback mic
- Built-in oscillator/ pink noise generator assignable to any mix output
- Built-in dual supply combiner for additional power supply as a backup
- 4 mute groups
- Uses RPS11 linear power supply unit
- Same chassis as GL2800
- Compact footprint ideal for flight casing and saving space at side of stage
- Solid, individual card, nutted pot construction in a no nonsense all steel chassis
- The best of analogue - great sound, reliable and easy to use

Jeden zdroj RPS11 součástí produktu, možnost přikoupit druhý, záložní.
počet - mono vstupy: 24
polarita - mono vstupy: ano
busy/výstupy: 19
Talkback: ano
hlavní fadery: 100 mm
další fadery: 100 mm
mono auxy - pre/post/univ.: 0+0+16
stereo auxy - pre/post/univ: 0+0+(8)
insert + Direct Out - mono vstupy: 24+split
mute group: 4
pad - mono vstupy: 20 dB
master: L,R,M
insert - mono vstupy: TRS
HPF - mono vstupy: 100 Hz
hlavní zdroj: RPS11
záložní zdroj: RPS11
fantom - mono vstupy: 48 V/i
EQ out: 2 semi
EQ - mono vstupy: 2+2 semi
rozměry: 944×650×170 mm
hmotnost: 27,75 kg
hmotnost brutto: 32,5 kg

GL2800/GL3800 Sys Link

vestavný modul pro spojení pultů

8 615 Kč
(337,84 €)

LED lampa L

lampička, LED, 4pin XLR

1 490 Kč
(58,43 €)


externí zdroj pro GL a ML

25 850 Kč
(1 013,73 €)