Hercules 800E (Studio Due)

architektonické svítidlo, colorchanger CYM mix, lampa BA800/SE

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architektonické svítidlo, colorchanger CYM mix, lampa BA800/SE, funkce master-slave, proměnný úhel 40°x45°, hmotnost 62kg, IP 66 OUTDOOR

BA 800 SE HR
-Colour temperature: 5.600° K
-Average lamp life: 2.000 hours
-Luminous flux: 65.000 lm
-Colour rendering index: 90
-Burning position: Universal

Other lamps that can be utilized
HMP 575 SE
MSA 600 SE
MSR 575 HR
MSD 575 HR

-Full CYM unlimited variety of colours and shades.
-High resolution stepper motors.
-The color changer can be drived with 8 different speeds or in real time.
-Color filter corrector (6500°K - 3200°K) + 2 colours (pink+red).
-Shutter + dimmer.

BEAM ANGLE (50% intensity) :
-WxH 40°x45° or 45°x40° max - WxH 25°x30° or 30°x25° min.
-New concept optical system with rotating parabole to illuminate the surface with maximum horizontal or vertical beam opening.
-Motorised variation of the beam opening.

-Standard interface: RS-485; opto-couplet input.
-Protocol: USITT DMX 512.

-Control panel with graphic LCD display and smart reading by DMX start address by a triple led display.
-Easy and intuitive program and setup by a dynamic menu and four buttons.
-Real time monitor and full control of lamp power and all electronic ballast parameters.
-Stand-alone control: auto mode function master/slave (syncro mode) with 5 not editable standard programs and 4 programs for customization by the user.
-Built-in REAL TIME CLOCK for synchronised auto switch-on/off which is operated on a weekly timer (weekly schedule).


POWER SUPPLY (Electronic Ballast) :
-Rated voltage: 95-260V 47-63Hz
-Fuses: 2x8A
-Rated power: 1000Va
-Rated current: 4.5A (230V); 9A (117V)

POWER FACTOR CORRECTOR: built-in cos O 0.99

-ch 1 = motor speed
-ch 2 = pink
-ch 3 = red
-ch4 = filter corrector
-ch5 = yellow
-ch 6 = cyan
-ch 7 = magenta
-ch 8 = dimmer
-ch 9 = AUX
-ch 10 = beam angle
-ch 11 = remote motor reset - lamp on/off
výška: 720 mm
šířka: 675 mm
hloubka: 600 mm
hmotnost: 59 kg