LH325F (Eminence)

zvukovod pro 1,5", 325x256x180mm, 700 ÷ 19500 Hz, vyz. úhel 60°x50°, hmotnost 1,83 kg, materiál polyamid, typ biradiální

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1,5", 325x256x180mm, 700-19500Hz, vyzař.úhel 60°x50°, hmotnost 1,83kg, materiál polyamid, typ biradiální

These specially designed series of bi-radial and constant directivity horns offer a very precise dispersion pattern. Adam Hall horns are molded from polyamide PA 6.6. This high grade material combines excellent acoustic behavior and mechanical ruggedness. The horn is constructed from two molded parts: the horn body and the flange. Both are joined with six screws. This specially reinforce the critical area of throat / flange.

• WxHxD (mm) 324x256x180
• Dispersion pattern 60°x40°
• Baffle cutout (mm) 280x210
• Recommended crossover freq.500 kHz
• Type BI-RAD
• Throat (mm) 37,5
• Weight (kg) 1,7
: 1,7