RD-NET Cont.8 (RCF)

Kontroler pro RCF TT 8×32 RD-NET

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Kontroler pro RCF TT 8×32 RD-NET

The RDNet Control 8 is a real-time monitor and control system able to manage up to 256 devices linked in a bus or up to 128 devices in a ring topology.
All the data collected from the slaves are delivered to the sound engineer by USB in a local installation or by Ethernet from remote locations.
The interface can be directly connected to the DSP on board of every TT+ line array module through the exclusive RDNet protocol making it possible to address in single cabinets or groups, specific presets or modification parameters in real-time. The key point of RDNet Control 8, in fact, is to ensure minimum refresh time (at least 5 per second) of all the system data performance, for example: RMS signals, compressor activity, temperature, fans speed, warnings, etc.
Data transfer can be routed also through the provided xlr connectors enabling the control of the system on traditional multi-cored cables.


• Bridging the control and monitoring network in between Ethernet (remote control) / USB (direct control) and RDNet
• Connecting PC to Control 8 and controlling up to 8 subnet of up to 32 slaves devices
• Configuring the net with bus connection or ring connection
• Auto detect net configuration and registration
• Controlling slave devices status and functions
• Monitoring and displaying faults and warnings sent from slave devices
• Storing subnet user filters configuration in a removable memory card


• EIA RS-485 standard connection
• Daisy-chain ring architecture or bus connection
• Up to 8 subnet managed
• Up to 32 slave devices for subnet


• 8 Ethercon housed RJ45 with Ethernet Cat5 cable
• 8 XLR chassis connectors with XLR data cable (alternative to RJ45)


• USB standard connection or Ethernet connection
• Front panel USB type B female connector for direct control
• Rear panel standard RJ45 connector for remote control


• 4 GB SD card reader


• 100 to 240 VAC, 50 to 60 Hz (auto selection)
• Less than 15 W of power consumption
• Powercon connector


• Width: 482/19.28 mm/inch
• Height: 44/1.76 mm/inch
• Depth: 182/7.28 mm/inch
• Weight: 2/4.42 Kg/lbs
• Materials: plated and painted steel chassis