SM87A (Shure)

kondenzátorový kardioidní mikrofon pro zpěv

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SHURE mikrofon pro zpěv, kondenzátorový, kard.

SM87A Vocal Microphone

The Shure SM87A microphone is a professional-quality, handheld condenser microphone for use in sound reinforcement, broadcasting, and studio recording installations. Its supercardioid polar pattern provides greater rejection of unwanted sound sources, making it ideal for miking individual instruments in a multi-microphone setting or for miking single sources in a reverberant or noisy environment. An integral three-stage wind and pop filter protects against wind and breath noise. Its built-in shock mount reduces stand and handling noise.


- Highly directional supercardioid pickup pattern
- Controlled low-frequency roll-off
- Very low RF and magnetic hum susceptibility
- Minimally affected by varying load impedance
- Built-in wind and pop filter
- Transducer element shock mounted
- Rugged construction for outstanding reliability
- Field-usable over a wide range of temperature and humidity conditions
- Accepts a wide variety of phantom power sources, including DIN 45 596 voltages of 11 and 52 Vdc
hmotnost: 200 kg