CIS 991 white (EAW)

Stropní instalační reproduktor, 3 pásma full range, 4x 5,25" + 4x 4,5" + 1", 200/400W 115dB, 79Hz - 20kHz, 80°x80°

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Stropní instalační reproduktor, 3 pásma full range, 4x 5,25" + 4x 4,5" + 1", 200W/115dB, 79Hz - 20kHz, 80°x80°, hmotnost 22kg
The CIS991 ceiling loudspeaker features a powerful 3-way design that provides exceptional performance, especially in high ceiling, large-space applications. The CIS991 (80-degree by 80-degree dispersion) incorporates four 5.25-inch LF cone woofers, four 4-inch MF cone woofers and a 1-inch-exit HF compression driver mounted on a large horn that fosters superior pattern control. The CIS991 is supplied with an integral 70V/100V line transformer, rated to a maximum of 128 watts. Tap settings are adjustable by means of a recessed rotary switch on the front bezel that allows selection of 128-, 64-, 32-, and 16-watt taps at 70 volts, and 128-, 64-, and 32-watt taps at 100 volts. In addition, the transformer can be bypassed, presenting an 8-ohm load to low-impedance systems. A sealed, painted, 18-gauge steel back can is included, and designed to mount in a 24-inch ceiling grid. The back can includes a recessed Euroblock input connector, with detachable mating plug, concealed behind a hinged metal cover plate. Mounting is accomplished using the integral eyebolts on the rear to suspend the loudspeaker with optional, adjustable, wire rope rigging.

Product overview:

• Operating Mode: Passive
• Operating Range: 82 Hz to 20 kHz
• Beamwidth: 80° (h) x 80° (v)
• Power Handling/Output: 200 W (passive)/115 dB (Average)
• Connections: 2 input terminal; 2 loop-thru output terminal

Key features::

• 3-way design for very high-quality, high-output reproduction
• Frequency-shaded passive crossover
• Unique driver array for wide-bandwidth pattern control
• 70.7/100V transformer with power-tap selector
• Fully appointed one-piece back can
Koncepce: 3 pásma fullrange
hmotnost: 21,8 kg
impedance: 8 Ohm
příkon rms s pasivní výhybkou: 200 W
příkon continuous program (fullrange): 400 W
maximální doporučený výkon zesilovače (fullrange): 400 W
max SPL (fullrange): 120 dB
rozsah -6 dB: 79 - 20 000 Hz
vyzařovací úhel: 80 x 80 °
HF - rozměr: 1 "
MF - rozměr: 4 x 4,5 "
LF - rozměr: 4 x 5,5 "
hmotnost: 21,8 kg