Nd-10 8/ohm (DAS Audio)

driver 1,5", 125 W, 110 dB, 500 ÷ 20000 Hz, 4,1 kg

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driver 1,5", 125W, 110dB, 500-20000Hz, hmotnost 4,1kg

The D.A.S. ND-10 is a 1.5" diameter exit Neodymium high frequency compression driver with a 100 mm (4") diameter voice coil. A pure titanium diaphragm is utilized, avoiding dome fracture due to mechanical fatigue, common in other diaphragm materials. The magnetic circuitry makes use of a rare-earth Neodymium magnet. This allows for greatly reduced component weight and easing of mounting requirements. The copper-clad aluminium voice coil is edge-wound and thermal bonded to a Kapton former, which ensures resistance to high temperatures. The 4-slit phase plug has been computer designed for coherent sound pressure summing at the throat. Manufactured out of aluminium, it acts as a heat sink for the voice coil, minimizing power compression and increasing power handling. Additionally, the 1.5" exit allows for direct coupling from the phase plug exit to the horn, greatly decreasing throat distortion at high drive levels.
rozměr: 1,5"/38,6 "
impedance: 8 ohm
dostupné impedance: 8 16 ohm
: 4,10
citlivost: 110,0 (q) dB
příkon: 50/500 W
Příkon-2: 125/1 000 W/Hz
rozsah: 500 ÷ 20 000 Hz
min X-over: II/500 řád/Hz
Rmin: 10,50 ohm
Re: 8,00 ohm
indukce: 1,90 T
materiál membrány: Ti
cívka mat./mm: CCAW 100 mm
magnet: NdFeB
materiál koš/kryt: Al
montáž: 4×M6/114

GM-K-8 16/ohm
DAS Audio

kit membrány s cívkou pro GM-K-8 16/ohm

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