Sub12 (ADAM Audio)

aktivní studiový subwoofer, rozsah 22 Hz 150 kHz, osazení 1x 12", výkon: 200 W

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aktivní, 12" studiový subwoofer, HPF 85 Hz pro monitory, LPF 50 - 150 Hz, přepínač polarity

od 1.1.2017 je na tento studiový subwoofer Adam Audio poskytována základní záruka 2 roky, pro 5 let rozšířené záruky je NUTNÉ zaregistrovat seriová čísla svých monitorů na Bez tohoto kroku nebude rozšířená záruka výrobcem uznána.

ADAM subwoofers
Our subwoofers are dedicated to ADAM Audio’s primary goal: the best possible authenticity in the reproduction of music. For our subwoofers, this means combining power and precision while simultaneously avoiding “impressive” bass volume at the cost of accuracy. Their task is it to complement the highly acclaimed lucidity and transparency of the ADAM monitors in the lower and lowest frequencies.

Room size/Subwoofer recommendations
The overview which can be found under FAQ allows finding the right subwoofer for different room sizes. It should be noted that these are recommendations only. Depending on your SPL demand or the kind of music you prefer you may go up or down the ladder of course.

Connectors and controls
All subwoofers up to the Sub2100 feature both balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (RCA) in and output connectors, and numerous controls to adapt the subwoofer to different room acoustics and specific requirements: All units have a level control that varies from -60dB to +6dB, a phase ±180° switch and variable upper frequency barrier control (50-150 Hz), a switchable 85Hz high pass filter for the satellite output. In addition, there is a ‘signal-on/continuous’ switch. This provides the option of automatic power up whenever the subwoofer receives a signal and automatic power off after 15 minutes of no signal.

The Sub12 is a powerful subwoofer designed to extend the low frequency capabilities of any near or midfield monitoring. A large (50 mm) voice coil is driven by a 200 W Ice Power amp. This amp stays cool as it uses PWM technology in the amp and the power supply sections, producing >90% overall efficiency, and can handle its maximum power without danger to the electronics or the driver. The Sub12 has a 12” woofer capable of producing a 118 dB SPL max output and reproduces frequencies down to 22 Hz. The subwoofer works with a new down-firing bass reflex tube that, due to its shape and size, avoids unnecessary ventilation noise. For larger rooms or higher levels it is possible to chain as many ADAM Subs together as necessary The Sub12 is an ideal match for ADAM monitors such as the P-series or the SX-Series. In any small to medium sized control room, they guarantee powerful yet precise bass response.

The reviewed Sub12
"Even at room-rattling volumes, I´ve never heard the Sub12 distort or go into any kind of limited mode [...]. Build quality is on par with the rest of ADAM´s well-engineered products [...]. I´m very happy with the Sub12. I recommend it highly to anyone looking for a top-notch subwoofer." (TapeOp, 02-03/09)
koncepce: 12''
dělící kmitočty: 50-150 Hz
frekvenční rozsah: 22 - 150 Hz
výkon RMS: 200 W
Max. SPL: 115 dB
LF - průměr kmitací cívky: 2 "
LF - materiál membrány: impregnovaný papír
hmotnost: 26 kg
rozsah -3 dB: 22-150 Hz
LF - rozměr: 12 "
rozměry: 360×600×450 mm
hmotnost: 26 kg